Initial capital letters have been used for 'Tree Warden' throughout the above.
This is because the Tree Warden Scheme is an official trademark registered to The Tree Council.

Margaret Lipscombe, director of urban programmes for The Tree Council, which co-ordinates the Tree Warden Scheme nationally, said: 
"We are delighted that Portsmouth & Southsea now has a Tree Warden network. It's a very good way to harness  the enthusiasm of volunteers for their community's trees in order to achieve really useful,  positive action for the local environment.” 

About the Tree Wardens

Area Co-ordinator and chairperson:
Trish Bell

Steve Jeal  - Webmaster
Don Amarasekara - Treasurer
Jennifer Bell - Secretary
Nita Carey
Tracey Jones.

The Portsmouth and Southsea Tree Wardens scheme was set up by Pauline Powell in March 2010. After an inaugural meeting which was attended by Margaret Lipscombe Director of Urban Programmes of the National Tree Council, a committee was formed to move the group forward and a number of events were organised. It is planned to have a number of Tree Wardens so that most parts of the city will have at least one Tree Warden. For details of events planned see the events page and general tree news from around the city will be posted on the news page. In November 2021, after eleven years Pauline stood down as Area co-ordinator and passed the reins to Trish Bell.

  • The Portsmouth & Southsea Tree Warden Network is part of The Tree Council's UK-wide Tree Warden Scheme, which is backed by the Government department, Communities and Local Government.
  • The Tree Council launched the volunteer Tree Warden Scheme in 1990 as a national force of local tree champions dedicated to their communities' trees – in town, city or countryside.  
  • The Tree Council has co-ordinated the scheme nationally ever since, working with local authorities, voluntary organisations, parish councils and local partnerships to set up and develop Tree Warden networks. 
  • Today there are Tree Wardens in communities throughout the UK, devoting a total of over 2 million volunteer hours a year to the UK's trees. 
  • Tree Wardening is a way for volunteers to play an active role in championing their local treescape, and to be the eyes and ears for trees in their communities. 
  • Tree Wardens are a key part of The Tree Council's community action programme. They can get involved with a range of activities, from practical projects such as planting and caring for trees to gathering information about local trees and developing imaginative projects to encourage others, including schoolchildren, to value their local trees and woods.
  • Environmental charity The Tree Council is an umbrella body for 190 member organisations, including Southsea Town Council, working together for trees. A registered charity, it promotes the planting and conservation of trees in town and country. Its goal is to make trees matter to everyone.
  • Communities and Local Government is helping to extend Tree Wardening further into towns and cities with a grant from its Special Grants Programme.

Portsmouth Tree Wardens.