"Portsmouth & Southsea Tree Wardens will not only be the eyes and ears of their communities on tree issues but will also have an important part to play in encouraging others to value their local trees."


Visit Portsmouth has published a leaflet with a Bike4Life tree ride and can be downloaded HERE or you can pick up a copy from the civic office’s (Link will be updated shortly due to council reorganising their website.

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Japanese quince flowering
Hazel, snowdrops
Tracey Jones planting a greengage tree
Southsea Rock Gardens

Waitrose in Southsea will be running with the Tree Wardens as part of their Green Token charity scheme  in September.  So please do lots of shopping there in September and ask your friends to support us too.  If there are no tokens available on the tills ask at the help desk and they will have some.

Any money we get will be used to plant more fruit trees in the Buckland and Landport area and for a commemorative tree in Victoria Park to remember the end of WW1

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Mature, sturdy trees can reduce flooding and calm fast gusts of wind. However, for trees to grow strong enough to shield us from unsettled conditions, they need a little protection themselves. Trees that have been planted in the last three years are particularly vulnerable to stormy weather because their roots have not yet grown deep enough to firmly anchor them in the soil.
This year’s Tree Care Campaign theme, ‘Back to Our Roots’, also highlights how caring for trees they have planted together over the years can help communities to preserve and strengthen their roots. The initiative reminds people to revisit young trees to check for signs of damage or stress and take action if necessary.
For example, a waterlogged tree can be helped out by digging a channel to drain excess water away, while one that has been battered by strong winds may need its ties and stakes adjusting or replacing. Trees may also benefit from tree care activities such as mulching, weeding and pruning.
More detailed tips on caring for trees can be found on The Tree Council’s website:


Horsea Country Park Update:
It is hoped that the planting will start this coming season, Veolia and their landscape sub-contractor will be responsible for sourcing the plants and carrying out the planting (circa 58,000 plants), We will be looking to involve the community in some of the planting.

We would like to welcome Simon Pearce as the new PCC Arboricultural officer and would like to wish Andy Knight all the best as he continues to work for trees in the planning department and we would like to thank Andy for his help and support over the last few years and we look forward to working with Simon going forward.


Portsmouth Tree Wardens.